Baby blues…NAVY blues

Babies have been on the brain…baby rooms and furniture that is. We definately can wait to have children after spending a week watching my 3-year-old niece, Oakley and hanging out with her and my year-old nephew, Cash, when they come to visit. I am still selfish and enjoy my sleep and lazy nights. : )
On a lot of sites and blogs I have been seeing a lot of awesome boys rooms, like this post from Young House Love and this photo below from an Atlanta house crashing post of theirs.

I’m really wanting an orange, gray and navy theme boy’s room. Maybe because Nathan is a University of Illinois graduate and him and his family are die-hard fans, but also because I think that is a color scheme that can grow with the child. For a boy’s nursery, you could add in this sweet bedding from dwellstudio’s line at Target.

With some masculine lacquered (re-purposed of course) bedroom furniture. Like this dresser overhaul from seakettle.

Dresser, after

As of now, I am leaning towards a navy for the dresser/chest of drawers. But who knows, where my mind will be at when they time actually comes to decorate a nursery. Loving these “B’s” too.

Pinned Image
Pinned Image

I’m also digging the Chevron rug from DwellStudio.

But would be completely satisfied  with a gray and white chevron pattern rug, like this from west elm.

Zigzag Rug - Platinum/Ivory/Citron

I think these poufs from aletafae on are pretty functional and great to grow along with baby too. They could be paired with a rocking chair to be used as an ottoman, seating to read books or used to sit on at a desk. You could also get it in an accent fabric/color to bring some character to the room.

18" Ottoman Pouf Floor Pillow P Kaufmann Soho Pool
18″ Ottoman Pouf Floor Pillow P. Kaufmann Soho Pool
I plan to repurpose a lot of Nathan’s U of I paraphernalia, that decorated his bachelor pad before I moved in. Including the Illinois scentsy pot that I got for Nathan, last spring. It serves its’ “smelly-good” purpose for me, while satisfying Nathan’s taste in decor. It would be such a good balance and I think Nathan would approve too.

And I’m loving this wall color, but of course I would have to pick a new color for the bedroom furniture, instead of the navy.

Pinned Image
I’m loving this wall color also, with the letters painted in the same color with an inspirational word or quote. Loving the gray crib too and it could be used for both genders with many different color possibilities.

Pinned Image
As for other accents. I’d like to take on a sewing project for a pair of roman shades with a coordinating ribbon running down each side. Something like these DIY shades from Martha Stewart.

And maybe a bright accent lamp, like this but with an orange base and a white shade. 🙂
Pinned Image
I also want to use a lot of different textures in the coordinating color pallette. Including one of these bad boys. A large metal letter to hang on the wall, also like the first picture in this post.
Pinned Image
Photo courtesy of Young House Love
And how perfect is this. They have a pouf and a GRAY crib! I want to re-do a crib from my mother  and I had been thinking gray. This a very cool boy’s room!
Pinned Image
Photo courtesy of
I love the mix of playful and sophisticated, including that fun fabric on the pillow. As for the final touches, those will have to wait until a baby’s room is actually in order for Nathan and I. Enjoy!

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