Welcome to the life of the new Mr. and Mrs. Schnettgoecke!

Well I’m going to try my hand at blogging, as Nathan and I have a lot going on. This is a great way for us to document our lives as well as making it easier to share with all of you. Here is a quick overview to catch everyone up on our busy lives.
New additions to our blog, such as new pages, links, pictures etc. will be added along the way, so please check back and enjoy this documentation of our adventure as Newlyweds, DIYers, Housewife, Farmer husband 🙂 and a new family.

After all the hustle and bustle of Our Rustic Vintage Wedding on June 30th and our HOT Chicago mini-honeymoon we are finally settling in to our warm little farm “love-nest.” Here a just a couple snap-shots from our little 100+ degree Chicago trip. Make sure to check out both those pages for a full run-down of pictures.

This was at Geno’s East, our first night in Chicago (hence, no makeup from the bus ride.) We celebrated Nathan’s dad, Mark’s, 54th birthday that night. It was a favorite place of Mark’s that he had taken the kids when they were younger. Such great pizza and we even got Mark’s favorite.
A picture from the top of the ferris wheel at Navy Pier, how beautiful.
Out on the patio of the Radisson BLU in Chicago, after our little grill out. The Radisson BLU
was amazing, we both highly recommend it.

We love having as many irons in the fire as we can. While drawing closer to the wedding last month, we were in the middle of having our house resided. I was so excited!

IN PROGESS – New windows
IN PROGESS – New siding

AFTER – with all siding in place.

The house definately has a long way to go, but it feels so good to have accomplished this much.
As you can see so far, we definately like to keep life interesting.

We arrived home late Thursday night (July 5) from our HOT Chicago mini-honeymoon and re-grouped Friday by running errands, unpacking, doing laundry, opening up more cards that had come in mail for the wedding.

After a day of rest, we decided Saturday morning that it would be great to have a little dinner party that night. : ) Nathan and I shot out a few quick texts and got busy cleaning and packing presents, laundry etc. away. It actually was great for us as we got busy packing things (presents) away and getting life back in order.

We decided to start a little dinner party tradition. 

A little Mexican Fiesta was in order, complete with beef enchiladas, tacos with all the toppings and a great salsa with olives, grated cheese and touch of italian dressing.

Here is our little tablescape, with a few left-over wedding touches.

We used some wedding leftovers like the napkins, paper straws, blue swizzle sticks, sweeteners and the little white dish they are in on the right, the white dish that is center with the limes and the little appetizer plates. We finally got to use our handmade margarita glasses we bought in Cabo San Lucas last spring at a glass blowing factory. Everything else is new and I was so excited to use it. Including the bamboo serving tray, “S” monogrammed coasters, bright suzani pattern glasses, the light blue water glasses in the back, the short clear mixed drink glasses in the center and the awesome clear glass chip and dip set bowl.

The napkins, were a sweet little leftover we got from Party City, paper straws from Sugar Divas, the few knick-knacky milk glass dishes from Goodwill and the glass jars. I was so excited to use all our new stuff. Partly, because I wanted to prove to Nathan that we were going to have dinner partys and we do need servingware. : )

AND…because our close friends Ashton and Jarrod got us this sweet Margaritaville Frozen Drink maker!

The picture is small, but you can see the white, gray and bright green
drinky-maker. Look how small and outdated our kitchen is! : )

It is so awesome and higly recommended. We had frozen mudslides and lime margaritas for drinks Saturday night and they were delicious. Nathan and I love white russians (vodka, kahlua, and milk) so we also love the frozen mudslides, which we had at our wedding.

We had a wonderful night and plan to have an Italian themed dinner party in the next month or so, to start a tradition of our own.

Well as much as I think Nathan will hate that I want to get busy on more house projects already, I am going to hop to it anyway. 🙂 I need something to occupy my time, now that the wedding planning has seized and what a better way, than on house projects.

Monday the office ended up looking like this after my mad, “let’s get this cleaned out so we can completely remodel this room, this weekend” cleaning spree.

The exisiting office. I apologize, in my mad cleaning spree I forgot to snap a before picture, but there wasn’t much but a mess and some bachelor clutter of Nathan’s cattle, college and seed stuff. (P.S. those are plants, along with 4 others, that Nathan and his mom, Kathy, have kept alive since Nathan’s dad’s funeral, back in 2008 and I plan to keep it that way. : )

I think I knew at the time, it wasn’t going to be that easy. I get a little too-ambitious, might you say, on certain things and Nathan has a way of grounding me back to reality. After further discussing with him and having my Mom stop out. We decided I best get back to my first project I started this past weekend after getting back from our honeymoon. The pantry.
I will post before pics of that tomorrow and maybe start tackling that this weekend.

This was a very long post, but it has caught us all up on a lot things. Hope you all enjoyed.


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